Poolwerx WA recognised for their high standards and hard work

The team at Poolwerx WA attended the annual Poolwerx 2014 convention on the Gold Coast this week and took out a swag of National awards.
The awards include:

  • Ian &  Irene Hughes, National Franchisees of year
  • Michael   Hamel-Smith Technical Excellence Award
  • Warren & Nicole Williams Outstanding Team Contribution Award
  • Darrell Doust Field Manager of Year
  • Diane Doust Commercial Development Excellence Award

As well as the recognition from the Poolwerx awards the WA team have also received the following industry awards:

  • Michael Hamel-Smith, SPASAWA Best Technician award
  • Applecross Store, SPASAWA Best Pool store award

The success of our team in WA couldn’t be possible without the support of our clients and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone that has helped us in our success. If you would like to work with the best of the best and for any assistance with pools or spas
in strata complexes contact the Poolwerx WA team service@wa.poolwerx.com.au



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Special Pre Summer Pool Maintenace Offers

The swimming season is not that far away and now is a really good time to have a bit of a health check of your pools and spas located in your strata complexes. Poolwerx are offering free health checks in line with legislation to make sure the risk is minimised for your owners. This offer is available until 15th September, plus if your owners are looking for a company to take on their pool maintenance and currently aren’t using Poolwerx for their pool or spa, we are offering a “Try before you buy” special. We will service the pool free of charge (chemicals extra) just so you and your owners can get a feel for how we operate! To book a service, free health check or for any other queries contact Diane: service@wa.poolwerx.com.au 0417 914 885

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Perrott Painting Clients Benefit!

We are one of the few painting companies in Perth who own and maintain their own access equipment.  We believe that this confirms our commitment to providing the best service possible for our clients in many ways.

IMG_28412Timing Because we own our machines we are not reliant on availability of machines from hire companies nor do we incur the associated hire charges.  We are able to use our equipment when and where required meaning we are not forced to paint areas out of sequence.

Safety Not paying to hire our machinery means the safety of our painters is not a financial decision.  Where we need our machines, we use them.  Owning our equipment also means we are able to ensure all maintenance is kept up to date and, from an operators point of view, our EWP qualified operators can confidently use a familiar machine. This avoids potential accidents where the operator may be unfamiliar with hired equipment.

Savings to our Client We do not pay delivery or hire charges which allows us to pass these savings on to our clients.

This is just one of the many ways our clients benefit when they engage Perrott Painting to complete their painting project. Continue reading

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Refurbish Your Pools or Spas this Winter!

Do any pools or spas in your complexes need resurfacing? If the answer is yes then now is a good time of year to think about getting some quotes. Getting the refurbishment done during the cooler months, ready for the summer swimming season, prevents unnecessary pool closures, when the pool is at peak usage. Ask Poolwerx about their fantastic new resurfacing product, great for both fibreglass and concrete pools, this is a dynamic new product, proving extremely popular with many of our domestic and commercial clients alike. As well as this new resurfacing product Poolwerx are also able to supply and fit a range of pool liners, in many different colours. For an obligation free quote, call Diane on 0417 914 885 or email service@wa.poolwerx.com.au

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PoolWerx prevention is better than cure!

With the cooler months approaching now is the time to add IQ Blackspot treatment and winteriser. This is a great monthly treatment to help prevent pools going green. Your onsite PoolWerx Professional technician select the right chemicals at the right time of year to keep your strata pools in tip top  shape.

IQ Black Spot Winteriser is a high strength copper based algaecide designed for use as a long life winteriser.

It is an ideal product to add to your pool in the cooler months. By adding this product you are preventing any potential outbreaks of algae ensuring you step into the warmer months with an algae free pool.

We believe prevention is always better than cure! POLNSO1005_PoolWerx&RLS Logos_PORT_CMYK

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Contracts Signed Are Terms Accepted

Over the years we have noticed a trend when it comes to contracts. Many owners often leave decisions up to the Strata Manager which is normally fine and often the best course of action as they have the knowledge and skills to determine what is best for their clients. However what happens when a contract is signed on behalf of the owners without it really being read? Let’s face it, we all do it. Terms and Conditions on phone contracts, gym memberships and many other things are often printed so small it’s hard to read them or so long you’re put of doing it. Continue reading

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A trusted name in painting!

Everyone knows who Perrott Painting is, right? They’re the company that provides great service, exceptional quality and very organised, BUT are just too expensive.  WRONG!!!  You too can afford the best.

When we look at your painting project we consider all aspects to create the best possible outcome for you.  We will allow for all preparation to be carried out safely and comply with complete specifications, to ensure your project lasts and lasts.  So why do people say we are a bit expensive?  We never have clients say they won’t use us, unlike some of our other competitors.  We don’t buy our work like some small new companies.  We have a full order book, because once people get burnt by lessor providers they say “Never again” and they engage Perrott Painting to get the job done right and actually enjoy the experience.

Continue reading

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Robotic Pool Cleaners

PoolWerx  have some great robotic pool cleaners for your strata pools, proving much more popular than the old suction cleaners commonly known as the “Kreepy Krawly”.

Save up to 94% on energy costs with TigerShark Robotic Cleaners. The energy-efficient TigerShark uses less energy versus most pressure cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years. Its efficient cleaning pattern covers the entire pool – including the bottom and sides, all the way to the tile line.

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