A trusted name in painting!

Everyone knows who Perrott Painting is, right? They’re the company that provides great service, exceptional quality and very organised, BUT are just too expensive.  WRONG!!!  You too can afford the best.

When we look at your painting project we consider all aspects to create the best possible outcome for you.  We will allow for all preparation to be carried out safely and comply with complete specifications, to ensure your project lasts and lasts.  So why do people say we are a bit expensive?  We never have clients say they won’t use us, unlike some of our other competitors.  We don’t buy our work like some small new companies.  We have a full order book, because once people get burnt by lessor providers they say “Never again” and they engage Perrott Painting to get the job done right and actually enjoy the experience.

Our company is growing, because people are sitting up and taking note that there’s a painting company that actually does as it promises and exceeds expectations.

Business Development Manager Clay Yarwood has been in the commercial painting industry for 20 years and has never seen a painting company operated so professionally.

“I’ve worked for a number of our competitors over the years and seeing the pride in Tom, all the Office Staff and Painters was really refreshing. I would encourage any prospective client to visit our office, where you can get a feel for the culture of the company.” Clay Yarwood BDM.

Signing up for a large exterior repaint project is not like buying a car, where you can see the quality of the finishes, take it for a drive or hear it idle.  Unfortunately, it’s only after you have purchased you get to witness the preparation, watch the application of coats and see the finished product.

Too many people have bought the “Lemon” trying to save 5%.

As they say “You get what you paid for”

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