Perrott Painting Clients Benefit!

We are one of the few painting companies in Perth who own and maintain their own access equipment.  We believe that this confirms our commitment to providing the best service possible for our clients in many ways.

IMG_28412Timing Because we own our machines we are not reliant on availability of machines from hire companies nor do we incur the associated hire charges.  We are able to use our equipment when and where required meaning we are not forced to paint areas out of sequence.

Safety Not paying to hire our machinery means the safety of our painters is not a financial decision.  Where we need our machines, we use them.  Owning our equipment also means we are able to ensure all maintenance is kept up to date and, from an operators point of view, our EWP qualified operators can confidently use a familiar machine. This avoids potential accidents where the operator may be unfamiliar with hired equipment.

Savings to our Client We do not pay delivery or hire charges which allows us to pass these savings on to our clients.

This is just one of the many ways our clients benefit when they engage Perrott Painting to complete their painting project.

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