Careers within Strata

 Imagine a career....

  • Where you could do what you loved
  • Where you didn’t need any formal qualifications
  • Where you could develop skills in the areas of financial planning, budgets, cash flows, public speaking and communication
  • Where you could become a member of a growing organisation that will provide you with ongoing training, support and assistance
  • Where you will be generously financially rewarded

 If you’re an organised outgoing person, with good communication, time management skills and an ability to resolve issues, then a career as a strata manager might just be for you.

Here’s how you’ll progress through your career:

Step 1 - Start undertaking general administrative tasks to understand the basics of the industry and strata ownership

Step 2 - Move into a strata assistant role.  As a strata assistant you’ll have the opportunity to work one on one with a strata manager and take on their administrative responsibilities including liaising with owners, where you'll get to troubleshoot some challenging situations – so a keen focus on customer service is essential!

Step 3 - Move into a trainee strata manager position, where you’ll be provided with training to become a strata manager.  This is anticipated to take approximately six months.  In this time, you’ll start putting together notices of meetings, checking financial statements and preparing budgets with help from your strata manager.  You’ll also have the opportunity to attend meetings with the view of chairing them under guidance after a period of time.

 Even though there are no formal qualifications required to be a strata manager, SCA (WA) and the broader SCA community are working towards a minimum standard of qualification with the A100 and Cert IV in Property Services.

 If this sounds like the career for you, please contact SCA (WA) on 08 9381 7084 or email to register your name on the database list for internships.

Did you know?

That when you buy into a property governed by the Strata Titles Act you become owner of your particular 'lot', and you also become a partner with other people in ownership of common property within the Strata Scheme.

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