Why is education so important?

Education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession (dictionary.com)

For Strata Managers:

Education will provide a clear and tangible signal to the strata community that, Strata Managers are the backbone of the Strata Scheme they manage.They are leaders in their field, and they take their leadership role and professional competence seriously.

For Business Members/Suppliers of goods and services to the strata sector:

Education helps these businesses and professionals differentiate themselves in the competitive strata marketplace.

A100 Course

A100 Fast Track Policy

This comprehensive strata community management course provides a practical overview for new managers, an essential review for veteran managers and an advanced course for committee members. You’ll receive a 400-page participant guide filled with dozens of sample forms and time-saving tips for working with homeowners, vendors, managers and other professionals. Successful completion of this course is the first step in obtaining a professional designation from SCA in Strata Community Management as it is the prerequisite for entering the SCA Accreditation Pathway for new entrants.

For more information email: education@stratacommunity.org.au or visit the SCA National website: https://www.stratacommunity.org.au/about-us/education

SCA A100 program overview - Strata Managers
SCA A100 program overview - Strata Services

Strata Management Courses

Certificate IV in Strata Management - RMIT

Diploma of Strata Management

Certificate IV - Traineeship , North Metropolitan TAFE


SCA (WA) Education and CPD Events

Strata Community Australia (WA) Professional Development Events

Did you know?

That when you buy into a property governed by the Strata Titles Act you become owner of your particular 'lot', and you also become a partner with other people in ownership of common property within the Strata Scheme.

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