Who can join SCA (WA)?

Strata Community Australia (WA) memberships are open to anyone with an interest in strata schemes. This includes Strata Managers and their staff, those who provide services to the strata industry and Lot Owners who live or own a strata scheme.

For a full list of the benefits of becoming an SCA (WA) member click here.

For Strata Managers

There are 2 levels of membership, Business and Individual

Corporate Strata Manager

is open to companies or person/s operating a business that manages strata companies. Sign up to become Corporate Strata manager

A new fee structure is in place for 2017, consisting of a base fee of $990.00 which includes up to 1500 lots and unlimited registration of staff. Anything over 1500 lots is charged at $0.66 per lot.

Life Members

This category of membership is for individuals who are considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the Association. Admission to the category of Life Member is by invitation of SCA (WA) Council.

Member Contact Details
If your membership contact details change please inform SCA (WA) so we can ensure you continue to recieve your member benefits. If your details have changed please fill in the following Updated Membership Contact Details Form and send to admin.wa@stratacommunity.org.au

Did you know?

That when you buy into a property governed by the Strata Titles Act you become owner of your particular 'lot', and you also become a partner with other people in ownership of common property within the Strata Scheme.

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