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Body Corporate Brokers Strata Insurance

Contact: Nick Swallow

Phone: (08) 6245 5300

Email: nicholas.swallow@bodycorporatebrokers.com.au

Web: www.bodycorporatebrokers.com.au


CHU Underwriting Agencies

Contact: Leanne Wahlert

Phone: 08 9466 8625

Email: leanne.wahlert@chu.com.au

Web: www.chu.com.au


External Works

Contact: David Raad

Phone: (08) 9204 3700

Email: reception@externalworks.com.au

Web: www.macquarie.com.au


Macquarie Bank

Contact: Natalie O'Sullivan

Phone: 0421 552 038

Email: Natalie.OSullivan@macquarie.com

Web: www.macquarie.com



Perrott Painting

Contact: Clay Yarwood

Phone: (08) 9444 1200

Email: clay@perrottpainting.com.au

Web: www.perrottpainting.com.au

Gold Sponsors

Longitude Insurance

Contact: Jon Greenwood

Phone: 6380 6608

Email: jon.greenwood@longitudeinsurance.com.au

Web: www.longitudeinsurance.com.au



Contact: Geoff Parnell

Phone: 1300 MINC WA

Email: geoff@obangroup.com.au

Web: www.obangroup.com.au


Programmed Property Services

Michael Deveson

Phone: (08) 6218 6300

Email: PPSWAAdmin@programmed.com.au

Web: www.programmed.com.au



Strata Community Insurance

Contact:  Neil Lingwood

Phone:  1300 724 678

Email:  neil.lingwood@scinsure.com.au

Web: www.stratacommunityinsure.com.au

Silver Sponsors


 Atkinson Legal

Contact: Lidia Venditti

Phone: (08) 9221 7033

Email: lidiav@atkinsonlegal.com.au

Web: www.atkinsonlegal.com.au


Expert Strata Insurance

Contact: Julian Bullock

Phone: 1300 397 467 / 0477 100 235

Email: julian.bullock@expertins.com.au

Web: www.expertins.com.au



Contact: Andrew Ploenges, WA Branch Manager

Phone: 08 9441 1500

Email: aploenges@higgins.com.au

Web: www.higgins.com.au 


Honan Insurance Brokers

Contact: Scott Cole, Director

Phone: 08 6557 0426

Email: scottc@honan.com.au

Web: www.honan.com.au



Contact: Dave Clark

Phone: (08) 9240 8855

Email: dclark@houspectwa.com.au

Web: www.houspect.com.au

Lannock Strata Finance

Contact: Steve Reynolds

Phone: (02) 9357 5371

Email: steve@lannock.com.au

Web: www.lannock.com.au


KBI Insurance

Contact: Travis Kenzle

Phone: (08) 6467 7999

Email: travis.kenzle@kbigroup.com.au

Web: www.kbigroup.com.au


O'Brien Glass Care

Contact: Wayne Pile

Phone:  9248 7342

Email:  wayne.pile@obrienglass.com.au

Web: www.obrienglass.com.au



Contact: Tony Campbell

Phone:  9248 7342

Email:  tony.campbell@poolwerx.com.au

Web: www.poolwerx.com.au


PSC Property Lync

Contact: Leonie Milonas

Phone:  0431 448 570

Email:  leonie@lyncinsure.com.au



Contact:  Annette Horst

Phone:  02 8024 9696

Email:  annette.horst@rockend.com.au

Web: www.rockend.com.au



Contact:  Glenn Fairey

Phone:  08 92821888

Email:  glenn.fairey@au.schindler.com

Web: www.au.schindler.com


Strata Loans

Contact: Debbie Barker

Phone: 07 5575 7422

Email: debbie.barker@strata-loans.com

Web: www.strata-loans.com


Strata Unit Underwriters

Contact: Maria De Orueta

Phone:  9254 3653

Email: maria.deorueta@suu.com.au

Web: www.suu.com.au



TMS Services

Contact: Rhys Faiers, Director

Phone: 08 9221 3880

Email: rfaiers@tmsservices.com.au

Web: www.tmsservices.com.au

Tunnel Vision

Contact: Chris Pember

Phone: 1800 631 799

Email: operations@tunnelvision.com.au

Web:  www.tunnelvision.com.au

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Did you know?

That when you buy into a property governed by the Strata Titles Act you become owner of your particular 'lot', and you also become a partner with other people in ownership of common property within the Strata Scheme.

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