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Becoming a member of SCA WA will will enhance your career whether you are a  just starting out on your professional journey or an experienced Strata Manager at the peak of your career. Being a member of SCA WA makes you part of a community at the forefront of strata matters. SCA WA membership is also your gateway to networking and knowledge transfer. Whether you prefer to attend professional development events, conferences or networking in small groups, your membership will connect you with others with similar interests.

There are 2 levels of membership, Business and Individual

Management Business Member

is open to companies or person/s operating a business that manages strata companies. Sign up to become a Corporate Strata Manager Member

Management Member

is open to a person/s working in the business of a Management Business Member. Sign up to become a Corporate Strata Manager Member

Annual Membership Fees

 Membership is annual, valid from 1 January – 31 December each year.

Management Business Member

$ 990


Accreditation of Strata Managers

SCA (WA) as an association is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in the strata sector, and providing our members with the opportunity to continually develop their skills and knowledge. We are pleased to advise that SCA (WA) has introduced a New Accreditation Pathway, designed to reinforce the integrity and professionalism of our members and our industry. Accreditation is an opportunity for strata managers to gain professional recognition within their industry. Not only does this give an individual a competitive edge, it helps to raise the standards of the strata industry overall.

Accreditation can be achieved under four levels:
Level 1 - Accredited Strata Community Manager (ASCM)
Level 2 - Certified Strata Community Manager (CSCM)
Level 3 - Practicing Strata Community Manager (PSCM)
Level 4 - Fellow Strata Community Manager (FSCM)

To achieve Accreditation with SCA WA you must have been a member for two years, achieving 15 CPD points per annum (total of 30 CPD points over the two year period) to apply for accreditation. Please view CPD Requirements for Accreditation for more information.
If you have achieved your CERT IV in Property Services, you are eligible to apply for Accreditation Level 1. 

To apply for Accreditation with SCA WA please complete the Accreditation Application Form.

To find out more about the New Accreditation Pathway and the possibilities it can offer you and your staff the 'Accreditation Handbook' has been created by the Best Practice Committee. 


Did you know?

That when you buy into a property governed by the Strata Titles Act you become owner of your particular 'lot', and you also become a partner with other people in ownership of common property within the Strata Scheme.

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