Strata Owners

SCA WA is the leader in the Strata Title Community in Western Australia and is committed to the ongoing support of members by:

  • Providing Education & Professional Development
  • Promoting Professionalism and a Code of Ethics
  • Providing clear and relevant infromation to government, community and members.

This is driven by our core values of honesty, integrity and excellence.

Membership of SCA WA is open to anyone with an interest in strata schemes, including Strata Managers and their staff, Real Estate Agents, service providers to the strata industry, Accountants, Lawyers, Surveyors and not the least, Lot Owners in Strata Schemes. SCA WA is about bringing together professionals who understand all about the complex laws that govern strata/survey/strata property, with the people who live, and work in Strata Communities. It also provides education, advice, and advocacy to enable greater understanding of the legislative environment and individuals’ rights and obligations.

Do you own and live in a strata titled property? or are you an investor with strata titled property as part of your portfolio?
As an owner of a strata titled property, you have a number of obligations, including:  

  • abiding by any by-laws (or rules) of the strata company
  • maintain and repair the common property
  • paying levies to administer the strata scheme, such as insurance, maintenance and repair of common property
  • attend meetings to discuss and vote on issues, including expenses, repairs, improvements and management of the complex.

Are you considering buying a strata titled property?
Before you buy a strata titled property, check whether it is a registered strata titled lot or a proposed strata titled lot. The main difference between the two is the information that the seller must give you prior to the sale. As a minimum, the seller must give you the following:

  • a copy of the strata plan, which indicates the lot being sold and provides information about the lot.
  • a copy of the standard and any non-standard by-laws.
  • a form called Buying and Selling a Strata Titled Lot (Form 29). Form 29 outlines your rights and obligations as an owner of a strata titled property.
  • a form called Disclosure Statement: Sale of Strata Titled Lot or Proposed Strata Titled Lot (Form 28).

Form 28 sets out a list of all the information you should receive before buying a strata titled property and your rights if you do not receive the information.  Only if you are happy with the content of the forms should you sign Form 28. Signing Form 28 is not an offer or contract to buy the strata titled property - it simply shows you have received and understood the information provided. For more information including retired persons strata schemes go to the Department of Commerce website

Become a Member

SCA WA has introduced membership for Lot Owners to assist with navigating the complex area that is strata titles. Lot Owners and members of Body Corporate committees also known as ‘Council of Owners’ may face significant challenges when learning about the many aspects of residing in, and managing, properties that fall within a Strata titles scheme.

Membership Category 

Member Benefits

  • Member education program
    Members receive a substantial discount on registration to information seminars such as the ‘Lot Owner Forums’ designed to educate on strata matters.
  • Member advisory line
    Obtain objective advice on day to day issues
  • Access to latest Strata news and information
    through member e‐bulletins, e‐news, & our national magazine, ‘Inside Strata’.
  • Best Practice Guides
    A series of three booklets, The Appointment of Strata Company Manager, Role of the Strata Company Manager, Strata Company Financial Reports and information.
  • Discounted Qantas Club Membership
    with savings of up to $220 a year

Annual Membership Fees

Membership is annual, valid from 1 January – 31 December each year.

Owner Member

$ 66.00

Strata Company Member under 10 lots

$ 143.00

Strata Company Member 10 lots or more

$ 286.00


Did you know?

That when you buy into a property governed by the Strata Titles Act you become owner of your particular 'lot', and you also become a partner with other people in ownership of common property within the Strata Scheme.

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