Strata Community (WA)

SCA (WA)  is an affiliate representing Strata Community Australia in Western Australia. Strata Community Australia  (SCA) was formerly known as the National and Community Titles Institute and Strata Titles Institute of WA (STIWA).

SCA was launched as a new brand integrating its affiliate members in July 2011. Affiliate members include, Strata Titles Institute of Western Australia, Institute of Strata Title Management (NSW), Community Titles Institute of South Australia and Strata Management Institute of the Australian Capital Territory, under one name, one brand and new governance structure.

SCA (WA) brings together people who manage strata schemes, live-in strata communities and those who provide services to them.


SCA (WA) offers the following categories of membership:

Strata Managers
Strata Owners
Business Members

Why join SCA (WA)?

LANDGATE Strata Titles Act Reform

Landgate have released their Discussion Paper on Strata Titles Act Reform - 31.10.14

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